Sacred Heart Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical Planning Committee
Contact: Frank DiPietro and Mary Finlay
The Liturgical Planning Committee (SH LPC) coordinates all aspects of liturgy throughout the year at our parish. The main tenant of our work is to acknowledge and put into practice that our parish community is based upon and related to the liturgical celebrations within our church. The SH LPC closely collaborates with the pastor, staff and other principal ministries at Sacred Heart to provide a wide range of liturgical events and experiences each year. We supervise and support the works undertaken by the ministries of Art and Environment, Eucharistic Ministers, Eucharistic Bread Bakers, Greeters, Lectors, Altar Linens, Sacristan Ministry, Sacramental Ministries, and Bereavement, and during all liturgical seasons. We work very closely with the Music Ministry to provide high quality and engaging worship experiences for all our parishioners.

Our committee generally meets once a month or as needed to plan, organize and implement liturgical activities. We receive updates on them, as well as review recently completed activities. With the Faith Formation Ministry, we also organize a number of speakers and educational presentations over the course of the year, particularly during Advent and Lent. SH LPC members represent not only the heads and liaisons for the various liturgical ministries and seasons, but also parish lay leaders with extensive backgrounds and experience in the liturgical traditions of our Church and parish.  Membership is fluid to accommodate changes in planning coordinators. The actual planning of liturgical seasons and special Masses occurs in sub-committees led and recruited by planning coordinators, with the support and direction from the SH LPC. The planning coordinators work closely with the other liturgical ministries as needed. Over the course of the liturgical year, literally dozens of Sacred Heart parishioners invest their considerable talent and time to provide the exceptional liturgies and related events that are so critical to our parish community.

The Sacred Heart Liturgy Planning Committee is always looking for parishioners willing to become members or involved in any part of our liturgical efforts. Please feel free to contact any of the Committee members, liturgical coordinators, and ministry heads noted on the website.

Liturgical Planning


Advent, Christmas, Triduum and Easter Liturgy
             Advent: Maria Hylton
             Christmas: TBD
             Lent: Kathleen Blanchard
             Triduum and Easter: Eunice Laffey, Lisa Cimino, and Maria Griffin
This ministry plans liturgy during Advent and Christmas, Lent and the Easter Triduum, and the other major Church holy days. Members are responsible for decorating and taking down decorations, both inside and outside the church. Special Advent prayers can be found here and daily reflections can be found here.

Art and Environment
Contact: Lorie Lucke
This ministry plans the environment of worship throughout the year, but especially during the  major celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Through members' artistic work, liturgy has a beautiful surrounding.

Ministry of Hope
Contact: Elinor Thomas
The Bereavement Ministry works to give aid, support and consolation to the family of the deceased. Members may choose to participate in any of the following roles: Assist the family in planning the funeral liturgy, act as greeters and distribute worship aids at the funeral, write cards of condolence during the first year, make follow-up phone calls of support, plan and host a prayer service on All Souls Day, Nov. 2, and/or develop support groups with other parishes.

Eucharistic Bread Bakers Ministry
Contact: Marilyn DiNapoli
Each week a group of men and women and teens, working from their home, bake bread used for the Eucharistic celebration.

Eucharistic, Principal, and Cup Ministers
Contact: Anita Shine and Maria Griffin
This ministry is responsible for the distribution of Holy Communion, and the Body and the Blood of Christ at the weekend Masses and Holy Days of Obligation. Its members also assist with set-up and presentation of the daily liturgies.  

Contact: Eugene and Jeanne Luongo
Our greeters foster a welcoming atmosphere at the weekend Masses and other special liturgies by greeting parishioners and visitors, gathering the Offertory, passing out bulletins and assisting the assembly with various needs—seating, medical emergencies, pencils, envelopes, and answering questions. Individuals, families, and our young perform this function.

Contact: (SH) John Yasaitis, Eunice Laffey
Sunday Hospitality after the 10:00 a.m. Mass has been operating at Sacred Heart year round for more than 15 years with the help of about 25 volunteer families. Hospitality has provided an excellent venue for parishioners to meet socially, and for newcomers to become introduced and integrated into the parish community and to be invited to participate in the various lay ministries. Topical speakers or other parish activities (e.g. Amnesty international letter signing, Christmas wreath making, parish commissions Sunday signup, etc.) sometimes also take place at this time

Contact: Jon Suber
Parish lectors proclaim the Good News of the Scripture to the parish community. Men and women from high school through adult serve in the proclamation of the Word.

Linen Ministry
Contact: Elinor Thomas
The responsibility of the Linen Ministry is to launder altar cloths, corporals, and purificators used in the liturgy. Each linen minister is assigned a month, two or three times a year. At the end of the week the minister launders the linens at home and returns them to the church within a few days. There are no meetings to attend and the monthly assignments are made at a convenient time for each person.

Marriage Prep Ministry
Contact: Tom and Lorie Lucke, and Debbie and Barry Cunha
The Sacred Heart Marriage Ministry is a couple-centered program. They offer the engaged couples the perspective of their experience of Christian marriage and the practical wisdom they have acquired. Meetings are scheduled at mutually convenient times with the leaders and the engaged couples. Arrangements should be made at least six months in advance of the desired wedding date.

Sacristan Ministry
Contact: Ann Mahoney
The Sacristan Ministry at Sacred Heart is responsible for seeing that we always have adequate supplies of large and small hosts, wine, torch candles, incense and charcoal. They also keep holy water fonts cleaned and refilled as well as candle bases cleaned, etc.

Sacred Heart Music Ministry
Contact: Joanne Messier McCandless
The Sacred Heart Choir sings every Sunday at the 10 a.m. Mass. Rehearsals take place on Wednesday evening from 7:30-9:00 p.m. and at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, from September through May. The choir participates in a concert on Christmas Eve, Triduum Week, and special Masses throughout the Liturgical Year. New members are needed and welcome. Sight reading is not required. Music is a substantial element of worship here at Sacred Heart, and the Music Ministry's Mission is to provide a rewarding program of diverse music: praising God via traditional, contemporary, jazz, gospel, and more.




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