A Two Year Program for Grades 9 and 10

Confirmation in Lexington 

Contrary to popular opinion, Confirmation in the Catholic church is not graduation from Religious Education, nor it is not "confirming" as an adult the choice parents make when they baptize their child. 

Confirmation is a sacrament that strengthens the action of the Holy Spirit in the one who is confirmed.  Confirmation allows us to better withstand the pressures of society and the popular culture, holding fast to what is good and true in the world.  

The program is designed to help young people develop a personal relationship with Jesus and has four "semesters".  

Grade 9/Semester One: Getting to know Jesus through Scripture. 

Grade 9/Semester Two: Developing a relationship with Jesus through various forms of prayer. 

Grade 10/Semesters Three and Four: How do we live as a disciple of Jesus? Encompasses morality, chastity, the Creed and service and justice/Catholic Social Teaching.

Semester One/Three: 

Sunday, October 15

Sunday, October 22 Please note - this session will be held at St. Brigid Church.  Special guest speaker: Jason Evert.  Topic: Chastity.  Parents are encouraged to attend.  

Sunday, October 29 

Sunday, November 5

Sunday, November 12

Sunday, November 19

Semester Two/Four runs from February 25 - April 8, 2018. 

Class begins at Sacred Heart church with the 5PM Mass and continues at 6PM in the Sacred Heart parish center, ending at 7PM. 

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